The numbers behind the ‘Age Wave’

I often times hear conversations about our current aging population. Many people say that the “Age Wave” is on its way. Wrong! The “Age Wave” is already here, and we have not come close to high tide yet. Over the next several months, I will be sharing some articles with you that will hopefully help you and your family members ...

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home care in Ponte Vedra
5 Reasons You Need Home Care in Ponte Vedra

In 2016, statistics show that about 14% of the population is 65 years or older. Although medical advances are working hard to demolish common diseases and conditions, senior medical care is still on the rise and choosing the right care is important. As it stands, 1 in 3 seniors needs constant medical assistance. With busy family schedules and rigorous medicinal ...

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ponte vedra in home companion care
Benefits of In Home Companion Care

Today, there are over 48 million people who are 65+ years old. As they get older, their need for assistance increases, often times putting more pressure on a family's already busy schedule. This is where in home Companion Care comes in to save the day. Offering relief and piece of mind, you can rest easy knowing your loved one has someone ...

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pv recorder article
Featured In The Ponte Vedra Recorder

Recently our Co-Founder, Seth Movsovitz, had the chance to sit down with Jennifer Logue of the Ponte Vedra Recorder. They spoke on the services we offer, our new specialized Dementia program lead by Co-Owner Dr. Amy Pohlman, and more. Seth also shines a light on his history here in Ponte Vedra, his past as a school teacher, and why he started Ponte ...

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