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Benefits of In Home Companion Care

Today, there are over 48 million people who are 65+ years old. As they get older, their need for assistance increases, often times putting more pressure on a family’s already busy schedule. This is where in home Companion Care comes in to save the day. Offering relief and piece of mind, you can rest easy knowing your loved one has someone helping them with simple errands like grocery shopping or even just assisting them on a walk around the neighborhood. Here is what Companion Care can do for you and your loved ones.

Staying Active

Unfortunately, as our loved ones get older, they can easily become socially stagnant. Often times it can directly lead to depression and an emotionally withdrawn state. This, in turn, can lead to loss of appetite and the lack of communication in regards to health issues. In Home Companion Care is a perfect way to ensure that they are engaged in activities such as playing games, watching T.V. and movies, reading and light exercise. Staying physically active is extremely important in maintaining a happy and healthy mental state of being.

Maintaining The Home

Another great benefit of Companion Care is that they can help with general home management. Tasks such as washing laundry, cleaning the house, taking out the trash and doing the dishes can become difficult for a senior loved one over time. Your family can rest easy knowing that someone is at home helping out while you’re at work. Having someone to help your loved one maintain a healthy, well balanced diet as well as eating enough throughout the day is another great benefit of Companion Care.

Ease of Transportation

Transportation can become increasingly difficult as our loved ones get older due to eyesight, health recovery or forgetfulness. Companion Care can assist in driving them to the grocery store, doctors appointments, social engagements or running errands. Not only does it allow them to travel without added pressure of traffic, they can be dropped off closer to the building without having to walk long distances in the parking lot.

Ponte Vedra In Home Companion Care

Even if your family member doesn’t need hands-on assistance 24/7, a little extra help getting daily chores and activities can be a breath of fresh air for the whole family. Emotional support, help with transportation and meal prep are helpful tasks without being overbearing and can prevent your loved one from becoming depressed or withdrawn. Check out our companion care services to see how we can help you and your family today!

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