Dementia Care

Trained Dementia Care Professionals

Our trained dementia care professionals help provide appropriate assistance with basic physical care tasks. 

Dementia care is a distinct form of long-term skilled nursing that specifically caters to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other types of memory problems. We specialize in placing these skilled workers with clients based on their unique needs. If you’re loved one suffers from dementia, memory loss or Alzheimer’s, care for them as they age can be challenging.

Our trained dementia care professionals help provide appropriate assistance with basic physical care tasks. They strive to identify and address the unique safety needs of every client. This includes a detailed review of your loved one’s abilities, needs, and preferences in order to maximize comfort, sense of well-being, and independence.

You can rest assured knowing that the dementia care professional working with your loved in has obtained and applied knowledge of that individual’s personal history; personal preferences, religious, and spiritual preferences; and cultural and ethnic background. They help identify and validate the feelings, expressed verbally or nonverbally, of each client.

The professionals we work with demonstrate many effective ways of listening to and communicating with anyone who has dementia, and understand how to help them through their day with minimal fear, frustration or anger.

If someone close to you suffers from memory issues and could use a helping hand, please use the short form below to contact us today, or call us at 904-325-9086.

Complimentary In-Home Assessment

After your complimentary in home assessment with one of our staff members, we present caregivers for your approval. The contractors we refer all have level II background screenings which include a national screening. We verify that they meet all immigration and naturalization requirements. They are also required to have a statement of good health. Here at Ponte Vedra Home Care, we have a reputation for referring outstanding caregivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Ponte Vedra Home Care different from other agencies?

Ponte Vedra Home Care is committed to providing you with the best communication and customer service in the industry. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We offer free in-home consultations performed by our Registered Nurse.


Choosing private duty in-home care can be a very emotional and confusing experience. We do our best to walk you through the process and help refer the best caregiver to care for you or your loved one.

What is a Nurse Registry?

A Florida Nurse Registry is a state licensed referral service that maintains a list (registry) of carefully screened caregivers and matches those caregivers with a clients’ needs.


Some individuals due to a poor understanding of this type of business, or due to intentional misdirection, may use certain tactics to convince individuals not to utilize a Nurse Registries’ services. At Ponte Vedra Home Care we believe in complete transparency and that an educated customer is a happy customer.

What is an HHA/CNA?

HHA stands for Home Health Aide. They have received training from an accredited institute reviewing many of the skills required to safely care for an individual. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Aide. CNA’s receive training that review the skills necessary to safely care for an individual but are also state certified. The certification that Certified Nurses Aides have is a state certification and is important largely for state funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Privately HHA’s and CNA’s function interchangeably. Both HHA’s & CNA’s are referred to as caregivers.

Are your caregivers bonded?

Yes, Ponte Vedra Home Care has a policy through Lloyds of London to bond all caregivers.

Is there a minimum number of hours?

Ponte Vedra Home Care requires a 6 hour minimum for care.

Are your services covered by MediCare?

No, we are not a Medicare agency, but we do accept most Long Term Care Insurance Policies.  We are a private pay company.

Will my caregiver be supervised?

In-home care for the elderly is supervised by family, friends, guardians, etc. If a client has any issues we will take them very seriously and address them promptly as you see fit. We do not attempt to insinuate that we could possibly supervise your private caregiver in an effective manner while they are in your home without being there.


If you wish to receive professional supervision, Ponte Vedra Home Care works closely with Certified Geriatric Care managers who can oversee and manage even the most involved cases.

Will my caregiver carry Workers’ Comp?

No the caregivers Ponte Vedra Home Care works together with are not required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. However, Workers’ Comp does not provide the consumer protection many are falsely led to believe.

If a caregiver who is an employee of an agency is injured in a clients home, Workers’ Comp prevents the caregiver from suing the agency, and in turn provides some coverage for medical expenses and lost wages. It does not prevent the injured caregiver from suing the client. Workers comp only protects the employer (agency) from litigation. Furthermore, if workers’ compensation is involved, the client could be exposed to the risk of a lawsuit from both the caregiver, and the Workers’ Comp legal team.


Beware of individuals who give false assurances that Workers’ Comp will protect the client from litigation. For honest answers about workers comp we suggest visiting the website that the Florida Department of Financial Services Maintains. Here you can have your Workers’ Comp questions answered in an unbiased manner. Specifically, “Does Workers Comp protect the consumer or employer?”


The most appropriate protection for a client is their homeowner’s insurance policy. Well written policies should include protection for injuries occurring in the home. There are umbrella policies available that can provide even further protection. Remember, if no negligence on the part of the client is determined, the client has no legal financial obligation for an injury a caregiver may receive on the job.

Do caregivers with a Nurse Registry avoid paying employment taxes, potentially becoming the responsibility of the consumer?

Registries are required by the IRS to notify caregivers of their tax responsibilities and to annually issue 1099 forms which are used to report annual earnings to IRS.  Per industry leaders, past IRS data demonstrates that Independent Contractors who receive a form 1099 have a 97% compliance rate. Employees who receive a W-2 have a 99% compliance rate.*

Am I locked into a contract?

No, you are not locked into a contract. We have a service agreement outlining payment terms, and details of services, but you may cancel anytime with just six hours’ notice.

Do you accept Long Term Care Insurance Policies?

Because we are a state licensed agency, we are able work together with any insurance company to complete the documentation they require and provide them with the paperwork necessary to process your claim. Every Long-Term Care Insurance Policy is different and may have specific requirements that must be met before they will pay for care.